Development of biomolecular simulation methods. Free Energy Calculation using cyclic perturbation dynamical methods. Designing of focused chemical library for combinatorial synthesis.

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Drug Discovery

Pharmacophore designing from natural product and database mining. Developing ab initio structure based multi target pharmacophore design method. Prediction of toxicity from the knowledge of chemical s

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Understanding the control of gene expression in slow growing bacteria and parasites for Identification of disease related targets.

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Mapping protein structures & surfaces using fractal dimensions. Metabolomics study and systems biology in pathogen and plants. Integration of omics and data analysis, method of disease diagnostics.

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Latest Projects


Nov. 23, 2016

Plasmodium falciparum Drug Target Database


April 10, 2016

The ProLego server application explores the component (SSE) and topology aspect of Protein Structure space. It investigates the modularity in protein structures using in-house developed contact string


Jan. 1, 2016

Indo-US Advanced Bioenergy Consortium: Second Generation Biofuels

Our mission and vision

The IG Lab is dedicated to contribute towards better health and quality of life of human beings. Our mission is to work and enrich the theoretical understanding of biological functions of biomolecules via in-silico studies and making predictions which can narrow the gap between the theory and experimental studies.

Our vision to build and train a pool of highly skilled researchers with basic skill sets in sciences like physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and computer science to develop interests in integrative sciences.